In this guide, we will look at an overview of the tabs that you see on every Saleswhale page in the platform:

  • Homepage

  • Campaigns

  • Leads

  • Conversations

  • Insights

  • Integrations


When you log into Saleswhale, the first page that you will see is the Dashboard. This page provides you with a quick summary of your AI Assistant's activity:

Also, based on your preference you can select a new campaign to run from the playbooks available.

Overview of Campaigns

The Campaigns page is where you create and track the progress of your campaigns - a concentrated effort that aligns your AI Assistant's conversations with your leads around a goal or call-to-action.

The Campaigns page shows all the campaigns you have run, as well as each of their key performance metrics (such as reach rate, open rate and qualification rate). Clicking into each of them will show the full performance metrics, as well as a breakdown of the campaign's conversations statuses (such as pending lead response, not interested, qualified etc.).

Read more about Campaigns (and how to launch them) here!

Overview of Leads

The Leads page is where you can view all your leads and their information. Here you can apply various filters to locate segments of leads, as well as export their information in a CSV file.

Hovering over the Leads tab will show a drop-down menu where you can navigate to Import History, Enrollment History, or Suppression Lists.

Read more about Leads here:

Overview of Conversations

The Conversations page is where you can view all the conversations between your AI Assistant and your leads. Here you can apply various filters to locate segments of conversations, as well as export your selected conversations.

Read more about Conversations here.

Overview of Insights

The Insights page is designed to give you granular insight into your campaigns' performance, allowing you to better optimize your Saleswhale Topics and Campaigns, and maximize your sales and marketing investments and resources.

Here you will be able to:

  • Combine selected campaign results over a specified time period

  • View last 12 months' activity broken down by week, month or quarter

  • View campaign summary of your campaigns'

  • View a summary of rejection reasons (why people replied 'not interested') over a specified time period for selected campaigns

See more about Saleswhale Insights here.

Overview of Integrations

Once your Salesforce account is connected to your Saleswhale account (steps to do so are also found on this page), you will be able map selected fields from Salesforce to Saleswhale, as well as view the integration activity log here.

Read more about our Salesforce integration here.

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