When it comes to using your A.I Assistant to engage with your leads at scale, there is a diverse range of use cases (what we call Playbooks) that you can use Saleswhale for at various stages of your lead’s journey.

Sift out interested leads from your database, schedule a meeting, arrange a demo - here are some of the most popular (and successful) ones we’ve seen our clients use!

Virtual Event Follow Up

  • Webinar leads with no sales activity: engage with top of the funnel, low-propensity leads who need time to understand your value proposition before engaging further

  • Post webinar follow up: sift out “hand-raisers” who are interested in a follow-up sales conversation after a webinar

  • Post-webinar leads with low intent: engage with low-intent leads from webinars that demonstrated uncertain buying intent

Revive Dormant Leads

  • Re-engage dormant leads: re-engage dormant MQL leads in your CRM by reviving interest from old leads and converting them into sales opportunities

  • Recycle MQLs with no sales activity: engage with high scoring inbound leads who were not connected or responsive to your inside sales team

  • Recycle high-intent webinar leads: reach out to high-intent leads from previous webinars that were engaged by the Sales team, but did not convert to sales opportunities after a certain number of days

Website Inbound

  • Follow up with a Content Offer: offer new collateral (ebook, whitepaper, product brochure etc.) to leads who have downloaded your content and asking them to schedule a demo with your sales team

  • Virtual event invitation: drive registrations to your webinars or virtual events

  • Convert website inbound leads: welcome your website inbound leads and get them to schedule a call with your sales team

Content Offer

  • Reach out to leads below MQL threshold: engage inbound leads who showed interested, but were not followed up

  • Revive leads with lapsed SLA: engage high-intent leads from webinars and virtual events which were handed over to the sales team, but not followed up within SLA

  • Reach out to cold leads: engage with your cold leads at scale with a personal touch

These Playbooks have all been templated inside each Saleswhale account, so you’d be ready to launch after just a few tweaks to personalize your messaging!

You can read more on each of these Playbooks here: https://www.saleswhale.com/use-cases

Have an exciting new idea for a campaign you want to run but not quite sure about the best way to execute it? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a brainstorming / discussion session!

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