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Leads: Filtering, Bookmarking, and Exporting
Leads: Filtering, Bookmarking, and Exporting
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In this guide, we will look at how you can:

  • Find your leads

  • Create a Lead Bookmark

  • Export your leads

Finding Leads

You can find all the leads in your Saleswhale database in the Leads page:

This includes:

  • Imported leads (via CSV, Salesforce integration or through the API)

  • New leads captured and created by your AI Assistant

  • Single leads created from within the platform

In the Leads page, you can search a name or email address to locate an individual lead, or use the filters to locate a segment of leads.

Available lead filters include:

  • Search: search for a name or email address

  • First Name: filter by lead’s first name

  • Last Name: filter by lead’s second name

  • Email: filter by lead’s email address

  • Lead Owner: filter by selecting one or multiple lead owner(s)

  • Import Date: filter by a date range or time period which your leads were imported

  • Marked As Do Not Contact: filter by the Do Not Contact status of your leads

  • Follow Up Date: filter by a suitable follow-up date identified by your AI Assistant

  • Has Conversation: filter by leads with or without a conversation with your AI Assistant

  • Import Batch: filter by the import source of your leads, such as CSV or referral (captured lead)

  • Last Interacted Date: filter by a date range or time period which your leads last had activity in their email conversation with your AI Assistant, such as an email sent or received

  • Import Source: filter by a custom attribute (created in Customize Assistant)

You can also apply Conversation Filter(s) to locate leads based on their conversations' data.

Creating a Lead Segment

You can save your applied filters as a Lead segment. To save a segment, apply your set of filters and click on the "Save segment" button.

Choose a name of your segment and confirm by clicking on the “Save” button.

Loading a Lead Segments

Click on the “Load segment” button and select one of your existing segments from the dropdown list.

Deleting a Lead Segment

Click on the trash bin icon next to the segment name inside of the dropdown.

Exporting Leads

You can export a segment of leads (and their information) in a CSV file.

After applying your filters, click the checkbox and select "All".

"More Actions" will now appear. Click on it, and select "Export Leads" from the drop-down. You will receive an email with a link to download the CSV file.

Note: If you wish to export all your leads, click on "Actions" at the top right of the page, and select "Export Leads" from the drop-down menu. This will export every single lead in your database.

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