In this guide, we will look at how you can create and launch a Campaign for your AI in 5 steps.

  • Create a campaign
  • Select or create a new AI topic
  • Enroll your leads
  • Schedule your campaign
  • Review and Launch

Create your campaign

First, select "Create New Campaign."

Enter a unique name for your campaign to start.

Select or create a new AI topic

Note that only previously published Topics will appear in the drop-down menu. Learn more about AI topics here.

Next, you can launch your campaign by enrolling leads into the campaign, and your AI Assistant will begin conversations with your leads using the emails in your selected Topic.

You can also schedule the start date and end date for your campaign. Learn more about how campaign scheduling works here.

Optional: Adding Suppression List(s) to your Campaign

Before launching your campaign, you can specify the Suppression List(s) to prevent your AI Assistant from reaching out to particular emails and/or domains.

Note that existing leads that have previously Bounced and/or have been marked Do Not Contact from previous campaigns form their own suppression lists which are automatically added to all campaigns.

Find out more about how Suppression Lists work here.

If you wish to create Suppression Lists, you can read more here.

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