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In this guide, we will look at the ways you can enroll leads into your campaign.

  • Enroll leads from a CSV

  • Enroll leads from an integration

  • Enroll leads from your Saleswhale database (by selecting "Skip lead enrollment for now")

Option 1: Enroll leads from a CSV

The first way to enroll leads is to select an imported CSV batch. If you have not yet imported the CSV file for your campaign, click on "Import New Leads" and follow the 4-step wizard. (Read more on Importing a CSV file here).

Option 2: Enroll leads from a Salesforce report

If you have Salesforce integrated, you can connect a Salesforce report to your campaign, and leads from the report will automatically be pulled into your campaign.

Read more about our Salesforce integration here.

Option 3: Skip Lead Enrolment For Now

You can select this option when you wish to enroll leads that are already inside your Saleswhale database. You can use Filters on the Leads page to narrow down on your selection of leads to enroll to your campaign. (Read more about Filters.)

After your campaign has been created, choose your Filters and narrow down your segment of leads. Once ready, select your leads and click on Enrol to Campaign and follow the quick enrollment step-by-step wizard.

Enrolling Leads to an Existing Campaign

If you wish to enroll new leads into an existing campaign, there are just two steps you need to take. Both of these steps can be actioned from the Import History page (Leads > Import History):

  • Import the CSV file by clicking "Start Import" and following the importing step-by-step wizard

  • Select Quick Enroll for the specified CSV import batch and following the quick enrollment step-by-step wizard

Enrolling Leads via Zapier

There is one other way to enroll leads that requires a few more steps and is outside of this campaign setup process. Read more here:

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