In this guide, we will look at how to select and enroll leads into your campaign.

There are 4 ways you can choose the leads to enroll in your campaign:

Before enrolling your leads to launch a campaign, we recommend you to learn more about creating a campaign and importing leads to Saleswhale.

Enroll leads from an Imported CSV or Salesforce report

When you create a new campaign, you can select an imported CSV or a Salesforce lead or contact report to enroll your leads.


  • if you don't have any leads yet, you can skip the enroll steps and launch a campaign without any leads.
  • You will be able to enroll leads again to the campaign anytime.
  • To do so, select "Skip lead enrollment for now" option and click Launch campaign in the Review step.

After the campaign is launched, if you want to enroll more leads from a new CSV, from the Import History page, locate your imported CSV, and select "Quick enroll".

To finish the lead enrollment from this flow, you will see 4 steps:

Step 1: Choose a Campaign

From the drop-down menu, choose the campaign which you would like to enroll your selected leads to.

(If recent changes have been made and not published to your topic, you will receive a warning.)

Step 2: Review Data for Enrollment

A breakdown of your enrolled leads will be shown. Your leads will be categorized based on those:

  • without errors and warnings
  • with warnings
  • with errors

You can see a full list of warnings and errors here.

By default, leads with warnings will not be enrolled. However, you have the option to enroll leads despite the warnings by selecting the checkbox corresponding to each warning. (You will only enroll leads belonging to that specific warning category.) Hover your cursor over each warning category for a pop-up containing more information on that warning.

Leads with errors cannot be enrolled. Together with unenrolled leads with warnings, leads with errors will be stored as Unenrolled Leads following your enrollment. Read more about suggested actions to take with unenrolled leads.

Step 3: Preview your Touchpoints

Preview the main sequence Touchpoints. The merge tags used in your topic will now be displayed with the information from one of your leads. At this point, you may want to check on the following:

  • Messaging
  • Merge tags
  • The cadence of follow-up emails

Note that your AI Assistant's signature will not be shown in the Preview.

Step 4: Confirm and Enroll

You can name your enrollment. This is usually for future reference. Click on "Finish Enrollment" in the bottom right-hand corner to finish launching your campaign.

Check your enrollment

When your leads have been successfully enrolled, an email notification will be sent to your inbox with a summary of your enrolled leads and your remaining lead quota available.

Enroll existing leads in Saleswhale using Filters in the Leads tab.

If you already have some contacts and leads in Saleswhale from your previous campaign launch, you can re-engage with them in a new campaign.

First, create and launch a campaign.

Then navigate to the Leads tab, narrow down your selection to specific leads by using Filters. Read more about Filters.

After choosing your Filters, select your leads and click on Enrol to Campaign to choose the relevant Campaign.


  • When you enroll existing leads in Saleswhale, you will only see campaigns that are already launched in the dropdown selection. Campaigns with draft status will not be available for selection here. You will need to launch your draft campaign first before enrolling your existing leads in Saleswhale from the Leads page.
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