You can create and edit email notifications to let your team know when your bot qualified a lead in a conversation.

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  • Add a recipient for Qualified Leads notifications

  • Weekly Email Notification

  • Disable a notification

Add a recipient for Qualified Leads Weekly Notifications


  • From your Saleswhale’s account settings, go to Notifications.

  • In the Email List section, add an email address and click Add recipient. If you want to receive the notification in your own inbox, add your email address here as well.

  • The added recipients in the list will receive a weekly update every Monday at 9 am UTC time.

Weekly Email Notification

Every Monday at 9 am UTC time, Saleswhale will send an update on leads qualified by your bots in a conversation that happens in the last 7 days (from last Sunday to Monday in your account’s timezone).

The email displays a table of the 5 most recent qualified leads, their campaigns, and their assigned sales rep. To get all the qualified leads in the last 7 days, you can click on the download CSV file button to get a CSV file. The download link will expire after 7 days for security reasons.

If there are no qualified leads in the last 7 days, Saleswhales will send a notification that looks like this

Disable a notification

To disable your weekly notification email, go back to Notifications and remove your email from the email list.

All the remaining recipients in the notification emails list will still receive the weekly updates. They can remove themselves from the list if they have login access to Saleswhale’s team.

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