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Creating an AI Conversation Flow

Customise emails for your AI in a campaign

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AI Conversation Flow is a brand new way to build intent-based campaigns in Saleswhale. It allows you to visually build the conversation scenarios and response handling for your email AI assistant.


  • AI Conversation Flow is part of the campaign setup flow. Each campaign will have its own Conversation Flow. When you duplicate a campaign, you will have a new draft campaign with a copied version of Conversation Flow from the original campaign.

  • AI Conversation Flow replaces our previous Topic feature. All your past topics including emails and attachments are migrated to equivalent Conversation Flows.

In this guide, we will look at the two ways you can create Conversation Flows:

  • Creating a new Conversation Flow

  • Duplicate an existing Conversation Flow

Creating a new Conversation Flow

To begin creating a new AI Conversation Flow, first go to the campaign tab.

Select "Create a Campaign" from the upper right-hand corner.

Once created, you will see the section “Design AI Conversation Flow”. Click on "Customize AI Conversation Flow" to see the Paths (i.e the email messaging) that your AI Assistant will use for this campaign, including:

  • AI Assistant's Introduction

  • Lead is Not Interested

  • Lead Requests for Meeting

  • Lead Requests for Information

  • Lead Refers Someone

Make a copy of your AI's emails

In the campaign tab, hover on the existing campaign with the messaging you wish to clone, and select "Duplicate".

This will create a copy of your Conversation Flow, including all the emails and attachments from an existing campaign.

We will create a draft version of the campaign with a duplicated Conversation Flow. You can then edit the emails, enroll a new batch of leads and schedule the sending time for the new campaign.

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