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Get more revenue from your qualified leads with Reveal
Get more revenue from your qualified leads with Reveal
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Reveal is a new power that we’ve given to your AI assistant.

With Reveal, your AI assistant can now track the outcomes of qualified leads handed over to sales. Reveal also empowers your bot by reminding sales reps to follow up with qualified leads and book meetings.

We are releasing Reveal to selected customers who are Google and Outlook Calendar users. If you're interested to trial, please contact your customer success manager at or sign up for Reveal's Beta program here.

In this section

  • Understanding Reveal

  • Reveal’s requirements

  • Setting up Reveal

  • Reveal’s Data Access

Understanding Reveal

Reveal is an additional power that you can activate for your AI assistants.

Currently, your AI assistants help to engage and qualify leads at scale, and then hand over qualified leads to the sales team. With Reveal, they will be able to track meetings and emails sent by your sales team to your qualified leads.

You will be able to see what exactly happens to your leads after marketing hands them over to sales. For example, how many of your qualified leads have turned into actual customers? Which leads have not received meeting invitations or emails from the sales team?

You can also use Reveal to remind sales reps to follow up with your qualified leads and meet them.

Reveal’s requirements

Before you start powering up your bot with Reveal, make sure that you’re using Google or Outlook Calendar. You will need to connect your AI assistant’s inbox with your Saleswhale account and have at least one qualified lead from the bot.

Reveal is currently a beta feature. If you’d like to try, let us know here.

If you already have access to Reveal, you can activate it directly from your Saleswhale app.


1. Go to the Reveal tab 

2. Click “Power up” to upskill your bot

3. Copy the calendar link and share it with your sales reps

4. Review Insights from Reveal

4.1 What’s happening to my qualified leads

You can see at a glance the conversion journey of your qualified leads. More importantly, you can see which of your qualified leads have not received any meeting invitations from your sales reps across campaigns.

The following metrics are shown in the “What’s happening to my qualified leads” section:

​ 4.2 How are my leads being followed up on by my sales reps?

You can review each sales rep’s lead follow up activities. For example, how many qualified leads they received, and how many of these leads were invited to meetings. We check for meetings across all connected sales reps' calendars, so even if your sales rep had his colleague take the meeting for him, it will still reflect here as long as it is captured on the calendar.

Under Unassigned, these are the leads with sales reps removed from the organisation or have not been assigned a sales rep. We still check for meetings with these leads across other connected sales reps' calendars.

The following metrics are shown in the “How are my leads being followed up on by my sales reps” section:

5. Recommendations

In this section, your bot will spot any qualified leads that have not received at least one meeting invitation from your sales rep in the last 14 days. You can tell your bot to nudge the sales rep, so that they can update the lead statuses or follow up with the leads.

If you want to see all the qualified leads and meeting statuses, click “View Lead Details”. You will be able to nudge any sales reps here as well.

6. Review your sales rep connection status

At any time, you can review which sales reps have shared their calendars with your bot. You can also copy and share the invitation link with new sales reps in your organization here.

Reveal’s data access

Saleswhale utilises OAuth for user authentication. We don’t have access to our users’ email passwords.

To activate Reveal, we request access to user data, including OAuth access to Google & Outlook Calendars. We treat these credentials as highly secure information, which we keep on your behalf, and we encrypt these credentials before storing them. You may revoke these credentials at any time, or we will destroy them when asked.

After authorisation, your bot will track all the past, current, and future meetings with qualified leads that are booked on your sales reps’ calendars. We only display and process the meetings that happened for the qualified leads handed over to your sales team from your bot. We don’t process leads from other sources.

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