It’s easy to share new qualified leads in each campaign evenly among your sales team.

You can route qualified conversations with ‘round robin’ style on each campaign, so they’re assigned on a rotating basis to an available Sales Rep.


  • Round robin routes conversations in a circular manner and in the last added time order to available sales reps.

Saleswhale applies round-robin routing by default to all leads without pre-assigned lead owners. You can then control the round-robin in each of your campaigns by using the Sales Group feature.

Automatically route qualified leads by round robin on campaign level with Sales Group.

When our AI qualifies a lead, they automatically cc a sales rep into the email conversation and qualify the lead as a “high intent” lead.

If the lead doesn’t have a pre-assigned lead owner, our system will use the round robin rule to route the lead to an available sales rep added in Saleswhale.


You can create a Sales Group to automatically share qualified leads to a specific list of sales reps for each of your campaigns.

First, create a Sales Rep Group and add specific Sales Reps from Sales Rep Settings or campaign launcher. Then when you create a draft campaign, select the Sales Group in the Route Qualified Leads step.

Simply choose an existing group or create a new group.


  • To save a Sales Group, you need to add at least one Sales Rep

  • Saleswhale creates a default Sales Group in each team to include all Sales Reps.

Turn on ‘Out of Office’ mode to opt-out

If a Sales Rep is out of office or on holiday, they should temporarily remove themselves from round robin routing by turning on ‘out of office:

You can also turn on ‘Out of Office’ for your Sales Rep settings if they forget to turn it on while they’re out of office:

This will remove them from all round-robin routing, ensuring that your leads route only to the available sales rep who can answer them quickly.

If a sales rep comes back from ‘out of office time’, they’ll have to wait until their turn comes around in the round robin queue before they receive a new conversation.


What happens if all sales reps are out of the office?

If you have an active campaign running, we will need at least 1 sales rep in your team available to take care of the leads.


  • An active campaign is a campaign that is not canceled. This includes campaigns with Draft, Scheduled, and Paused status.

When there’s an active campaign in Saleswhale, you won’t be able to update the last available sales rep to be out of office. You will see a warning like this.

To update the sales rep calendar, make sure there’s at least 1 active Sales Rep or cancel all of your active campaigns.

You will be able to set Out of Office for all the sales reps in the Sales Group as long as the Sales Group has not been used in any active campaign.

If you launch a new campaign and choose a Sales Group that is out of office, you will see a warning.

You won’t be able to launch a campaign until you add at least an available sales rep in the group.

What happens if I change Sales Group routing after launching a campaign?

Once a campaign has started, you won’t be able to select another Sales Group for the campaign.

You can either cancel the campaign, duplicate it and set a new Sales Group or edit the sales rep in the Sales Group.


  • If a campaign has been scheduled for future launch, you can update the Sales Group from Campaign Settings -> Route qualified leads

What happens if I delete a Sales Group?

You can delete a Sales Group as long as the Sales Group is not being used in any active campaigns.

If the Sales Group is being used in an active campaign, you won’t be able to delete the sales group. You can cancel the campaign to end it and then remove the Sales Group.

Deleting Sales Group won’t delete Sales Rep from Saleswhale. To remove Sales Rep, go to Sales Rep List -> Remove Sales Rep.

What happens if I remove a sales rep from an existing Sales Group?

All future qualified leads without pre-assigned lead owners will be routed to other sales reps.

There are no changes for the qualified leads that have already been routed to the removed Sales Rep.

What happens if I add a sales rep to an existing Sales Group?

The new sales rep will receive a new qualified lead according to the round robin order.

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