The Saleswhale integration with Salesforce will automatically map your Salesforce Lead Owner lookup field and use the user email from Salesforce to Saleswhale Lead Owner Email addresses from the sales rep section in Saleswhale.

The default mapping of the Lead Owner field in Saleswhale after integration

When you enroll a lead or contact report from Salesforce to Saleswhale, our system will update the assigned lead or contact owner for the lead record in Saleswhale. When the lead is qualified by our AI, we will cc the lead owner's email address in the conversation, skipping the Saleswhale round-robin process.

You’ll find the mappings under “Lead Owner” in the Salesforce integration field mapping settings:

In the Saleswhale Lead Settings, you can click Edit Details to see if the lead owner was automatically assigned by Salesforce:

Mapping of the custom Lead Owner field in Salesforce to Saleswhale

If you are not using Salesforce Lead or Contact Owner default fields to track the owner of the leads, you can map custom fields to Saleswhale Lead Owner.

For example, if your company has an SDR/BDR team and creates a custom field in Salesforce i.e SDR owner, you can map the SDR owner in Salesforce to Saleswhale Lead Owner.

  • We only support 2 types for Lead Owner mapping in Saleswhale: Reference field type (using Lookup search) and Email field.

  • We recommend you use the Lookup field to return the exact email address from the Salesforce user record.

Example of a Lookup field in Salesforce

How to map a custom Lead Owner field in Salesforce to Salewhale

  • Step 1: Click Edit for Lead Owner

  • Step 2: Choose the custom field, for example, SDR Owner that contains the email address of the lead owner in Salesforce that you want to map to Saleswhale

  • Step 3: If the field is a lookup field, you will see a second dropdown for the actual field that will return the email address. Select the secondary field name, for example, Email in this case.

  • If the field selected is an Email field, you won't need to select a secondary field.


  • If you map a field type that doesn't return an email address so we could map to the Lead Owner email address in Saleswhale, you will see this error in the mapping panel.


  • If you change a lead’s owner in Salesforce, it will not automatically update in Saleswhale for the records.

  • If you use the Salesforce app to assign owners, you won’t be able to manually change the owners in Saleswhale.

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