When a lead is qualified by Saleswhale AI, a sales rep email will be cc'd to continue the conversation thread.

Saleswhale uses 2 methods to decide which sales reps will be roped in the qualified email.

  • Pre-assigned lead owner from Salesforce record

  • Saleswhale round-robin rule

How does Saleswhale use the assigned lead owner from Salesforce

By default, each lead or contact in Salesforce requires an assigned Lead Owner.

Saleswhale will assign the qualified lead to this Lead Owner in Salesforce when you have completed these 2 set-up steps:

  • Add the Lead Owner as a Sales Rep email in Saleswhale

When does Saleswhale use the round-robin rule for Salesforce leads

Some organizations may assign the lead to a generic email in Salesforce, for example: marketingops@abc.com, in the Salesforce Lead Owner field instead of an actual sales rep's email.

This way, you can qualify the lead first before assigning them to a human lean owner.

If this is your company practice, the Saleswhale AI will round-robin a qualified lead and the integration send the lead owner update to Salesforce.

How it works:

  • Create a report for inbound leads. The report can contain a list of leads with an actual human sales rep as lead owner and the generic email address (i.e marketingops@abc.com) as lead owner.

  • Enroll Salesforce report to a Saleswhale campaign

When a lead is qualified:

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