In this guide, we will look at:

  • How qualified leads are handed over to Sales Reps

  • What happens when your Sales Rep is out of office

How leads are handed over to Sales Rep

Your AI assistants work seamlessly in the background, engaging with your leads over email conversation and handing over qualified leads to human sales reps. 

Each lead can have a specified owner, and once the lead is ready to take the next step, your AI Assistant will hand the lead over to your sales rep (the specified lead owner) by cc-ing them into the email conversation. 

If the qualified lead has no lead owner, a sales rep will be chosen for the lead in a round-robin fashion from the list of available sales reps.

When a Sales Rep is out-of-office (OOO)

When a Sales Rep is out-of-office, you can update their OOO period in Settings -> Customise Assistants. 

Any qualified leads distributed in a round-robin fashion (i.e no specified lead owner) will not include sales reps in their OOO period.

A sales rep will still receive qualified leads during the OOO period if they are the specified lead owner. 

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