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Connecting your calendar to Saleswhale
Connecting your calendar to Saleswhale
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Saleswhale’s Scheduler reads your calendar availability to automatically suggest times and create meeting events on your behalf. This allows you to score more sales meetings with less effort.

Sales reps must connect their Google or Outlook Calendar to Saleswhale to make use of their AI assistant’s scheduling ability.

Setting up

1. Send the calendar invite:

  • Click on the robot icon and go to “Sales Reps”

  • Click on Invite Sales Reps

  • Select the sales rep you want to invite and click invite sales rep or share the invite link mentioned

2. There are two ways to start connecting your calendar:

  • If you received a calendar connection URL from a colleague, enter the URL into a browser tab.

  • If you received a Saleswhale invitation email from a colleague, click Gmail or Outlook in the email body depending on which calendar service you use.

3. A landing page will open. Click Allow to provide Saleswhale permission to view and create events in your calendar.

4. Your calendar is connected! Your AI assistant will now be able to schedule meetings for you based on your calendar availability.

See Confirming auto-scheduled meetings in your calendar to learn more about how Scheduler works within your Google/Outlook calendar.

Scheduler’s data access

Saleswhale utilizes OAuth for user authentication. We don’t have access to our users’ email passwords.

To activate Scheduler, we request access to user data, including OAuth access to Google & Outlook Calendars. We treat these credentials as highly secure information – which we keep on your behalf – and we encrypt these credentials before storing them. You may revoke these credentials at any time, or we will destroy them when asked.

After authorization, your bot will track all the past, current, and future meetings with qualified leads that are booked on your sales reps’ calendars. We only display and process the meetings that happened for the qualified leads handed over to your sales team from your bot. We don’t process leads from other sources.


Once the Sales Reps connect their calendars, you can even track the qualified leads handed over to sales with Reveal.

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