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Manage your sales reps in Saleswhale
Manage your sales reps in Saleswhale

How your AI works with Sales Reps

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When your AI Assistant qualifies a lead, they need to have at least 1 sales rep to CC into the conversation in order to hand over the qualified lead.

Note that:

  • If a lead has a pre-assigned lead owner in Saleswhale, when the lead is qualified, your AI will CC the lead owner to take over the email conversation. Lead's owner can be pre-assigned separately through the Leads page or CSV import.

  • If a lead does not have an assigned lead owner, your AI Assistant will use a round-robin rule to decide which sales rep gets the next qualified lead

  • You can set Out of Office for your Sales reps when they are on vacation. Your AI Assistant will exclude these sales reps from the round-robin.

Add a Sales Reps

To add or remove a Sales Rep, click on AI & Sales Rep Settings (the robot icon at the top right), and head to the Sales Reps tab.

Click on "Add Sales Rep" and enter your sales reps' details in the corresponding fields.

You can also add the sales rep's calendar link. You can then use it as a merge tag d in the qualified email to enable your leads to book meetings directly on your sales rep's calendar. Learn more here.

Remove a Sales Rep

Under Sales Rep List, locate and click the delete button to the right of the sales rep you would like to remove.

If the sales rep you wish to remove is the lead owner of any existing leads, you will be prompted to select a new lead owner for the affected leads.

From the drop-down list, you can choose to transfer all leads to another existing sales rep, or to not re-assign these leads to any rep. Without a lead owner, qualified leads would follow the round-robin qualification process.

Once you have made your selection, you should select "Confirm" to finalize the transfer of leads and removal of your selected sales rep.

Organise sales reps into Sales Group

You can easily create a Sales Group to automatically round-robin qualified leads at the campaign level to a specific list of sales reps.

First, create a Sales Rep Group and add specific Sales Reps from Sales Rep Settings or campaign launcher. Then when you create a draft campaign, select the Sales Group in the Route Qualified Leads step.

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