A Saleswhale Topic is designed to engage your leads with a sales and marketing goal in mind. A Topic goal, or call-to-action, that you can work towards may include: asking for a meeting or call, offering a product trial, or offering a white paper etc.

Once your lead is ready to take the next step, your AI Assistant will hand over the lead to your designated sales rep.

How does it work?

Saleswhale Topics use a decision tree model, which uses a branching method to illustrate different possible responses that your AI Assistant can handle.

Once the conversation reaches a terminal state ("Lead Is Not Interested" or "Lead is Qualified"), your AI Assistant will stop interacting with your lead.

When it reaches "Lead is Not Interested", your AI Assistant will classify the lead as 'not interested', and collects the rejection reason shared by the lead.
If it reaches a "Lead is Qualified", your AI Assistant will loop in your sales rep through CC to take the conversation further.

Some things you can do within your Topic include adding attachments to outgoing messages, specifying the number of follow-up (working) days between emails, and customizing your messages with dynamic merge tags.

Additional actions that your AI Assistant can handle include:

  • Referral handling - If your lead CCs additional colleagues in an email reply, your AI Assistant will be able to pick up on the new email addresses and create them as new leads in the system.

  • Asking for a referral - If your lead mentions that he/she is not the right person to speak to but does not CC a colleague into the conversation, your AI Assistant can prompt for the right colleague to contact.

  • Human Review - When there is no suitable response within the Topic Tree, your AI Assistant will flag the conversation to your assigned Human Review owner.

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