You have a Salesforce field, eg. Title, which you would like to import into Saleswhale, and use as a merge tag in your campaign.

In this guide we will look at:

  • Creating and mapping a custom field

  • Accessing custom merge tags for your topic

Creating and mapping a custom field

You will first need to check if a Saleswhale field already exist to store the Salesforce attribute you would like to import.

If it is a new field, eg. Lead Tier, and doesn't yet exist in the Saleswhale platform, you will first need to create a new Custom Field.

Once the field has been created, your Customer Success Manager will be able to assist you in mapping your field to a Salesforce attribute.

Accessing custom merge tags for your topic

Navigate to your Topic's detail page and click on a sequence.


A popup will appear. Click on 'Edit Sequence'.


Below the email editor, you will see a button 'Insert Merge Tag'.

The custom fields that you created earlier can also be found here. Select any merge tag and it will be inserted into the email body.


You can also preview the email touchpoints to ensure your merge tags are being replaced properly.

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