Adding custom field columns


In this guide we will focus on how to

  • Enable importing data that does not already exist in Saleswhale as a predefined column,
  • Import this data, and 
  • Use this data in Topics.

This comes in handy when you would like to import additional data related to each of your leads in order to add more customised information to the Topics your bot is having with your leads.

To access the custom field columns editor, hover over your initials in the menu bar and select "Customise Assistant."




At the bottom of the page, there is a section called "Custom Fields," where you can refer to your custom field columns and add new, edit existing, or delete old ones. 


Adding Custom Field Columns

Select "Add Custom Field." A pop-up appears where you can define the data you want to import; the red asterisk's are required entries. 


Field Name

The data you want to input (e.g. lead telephone)

Sample Data An example of the data (e.g. 2025551892)
Fallback Text     

The data that would appear in the conversation where the column's
merge tag is used and information is missing (e.g. "your telephone

Add as Filterable Attribute       

Checking this box will allow to filter lists using the variables in this attribute  


Using Custom Fields in Topics

Once you have added a custom field, Saleswhale automatically generates a Merge Tag for your custom field. The merge tag definition can then be inserted into Topics (both touchpoints and email subject). Not all custom fields need to be used in Topics. Some users import custom fields solely for reporting purposes.



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