In this article, we will look at how to enable and disable auto import and enrollment of leads from Salesforce to Saleswhale. You can auto enroll or enroll leads directly from Salesforce reports into Saleswhale.

Once auto import is enabled, leads meeting your specified rules will be automatically imported into Saleswhale. On an ongoing basis, as long as auto import is enabled, any leads in your Salesforce that meet your specified criteria will also be imported into Saleswhale. Once imported, the lead will also automatically be enrolled into your campaign*.

Prerequisites to enabling auto import is to

Enabling auto import and enrollment

Auto enrollment rules must be set up per each Saleswhale campaign. You can begin setting up the auto enrollment process via "Start Auto Enrollment" option either via the (A) Actions drop down in the upper righthand corner or (B) Integration tab of each campaign.

From the drop down menu, select the relevant Salesforce campaign.

Saleswhale only supports the following Salesforce report types:

Once you select a report, you will be able to finish the set up to enable auto import and enrollment.

To check the Salesforce report connected to each campaign and to view the auto import and enrollment status, you can navigate to your campaign and check under the name of the Saleswhale campaign.

Disable auto import and enrollment

If you would like to disable auto import and enrollment, locate the "Actions" drop down in the upper right hand corner. Select "Disable Auto Enrollment."

To confirm, select "Disable."

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