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Enrollment Warnings & Errors - What’s Next?
Enrollment Warnings & Errors - What’s Next?
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Enrollment Warnings & Errors

When launching your campaign, you may encounter errors or warnings during the lead enrollment process.

Note: If you have reached your enrollment quota for the month, lead enrollments will be queued to resume after your quota is refreshed. In the interim, the enrollments' status will remain as "Processing" in the Enrollment History menu.


  • Missing value for merge tag


Note that for some enrolments, "preview" figures may be inaccurate. For example, if a lead appears in the Leads interacted within last 1 month suppression list, but your campaign is scheduled 1 month in the future, by the start of the campaign they will no longer be excluded.

During the enrollment process, you can choose to proceed with enrolling leads with warnings by selecting the associated warning categories. This is in contrast with flagged Errors, where no leads with Errors will be enrolled.

Addressing Warnings and Identifying Errors

To locate your unenrolled leads, navigate to the Leads tab and head over to your Enrollment History. 

From the Enrollment History page, you will see each past enrollment. From there, you can view its details.

To download the unenrolled leads, choose the three dots to the right for the drop-down menu. Select "Download unenrolled file."

This will trigger the download of a CSV file with all of the leads that were not enrolled. This CSV file will contain the following information:

  • Unenrollment type (i.e. Error or Warning)

  • Error message

  • First name

  • Email

For the unenrolled leads with Warnings, you can address these leads' warnings, re-import the CSV file, then continue launching your campaign with these updated leads.

For the unenrolled leads with Errors, you can see the errors from the CSV file downloaded.

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