The Saleswhale Human Review functionality exists for several reasons:

  • Out-of-scope conversations: to allow you to continue conversations that have gone out of the AI Assistant's scope

  • Lead in multiple ongoing conversations: to prevent a lead from being in multiple ongoing conversations at the same time

  • Relevant inbound emails: to ensure that you catch all relevant inbound emails

Once a conversation is marked as Human Review, your AI Assistant will not send a reply but will wait for you to action on it. Actioning on Human Review tasks in a timely manner will ensure that you do not miss out on any potential qualified leads.

Out-of-Scope Conversations

When a conversation with a lead has gone out of the AI Assistant's scope in the campaign, the conversation will be marked as Human Review.

Lead in Multiple Ongoing Conversations

When your AI Assistant detects a lead in two or more ongoing conversations, all related conversations will be marked as Human Review. This gives you the opportunity to choose how and where to continue the conversation; it also prevents your AI Assistant from having two or more conversations with the same lead at the same time.

Such a scenario commonly occurs when a lead CCs another colleague (who is also in an active Saleswhale campaign at the same time) into his/her conversation, resulting in that colleague now involved in two conversations ongoing with the AI Assistant.

Relevant Inbound Emails

A large majority of the conversations will be started by your AI Assistant through the campaign launch. However, your AI Assistant may receive inbound emails from time to time. Relevant and actionable inbound emails will be marked as Human Review for your attention. (Read more about what happens with inbound emails.)

Finding Human Review Tasks

You can find your Human Review Tasks by clicking the "tick" on the top right-hand corner of the platform.

Read about handling Human Review tasks here.

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