In this guide, we will look at how to handle and complete Human Review Tasks.

Handling a Human Review task

Whenever your AI Assistant marks a conversation as Human Review, the Human Review Owner will receive an email notification.

Team members can access the Human Review tasks anytime by clicking the "checkmark" on the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar.

On the Human Review page, you will see the list of outsatanding Human Review Tasks under the "New Conversations" tab.

Clicking on a Human Review conversation will bring you to that lead's conversation page. On this page, you can act on the Human Review task through one of three options: Reply As AI, Forward, or Complete.

Reply as AI

Clicking "Reply as AI" will bring you to the message editor, where you can type a reply to send on your AI Assistant's behalf. In this editor, you will also be able to:

  • Add people to CC, including the lead owner

  • Schedule the send time for "Immediately", or "Business Hours"

  • Format your email (bold, italicize, hyperlink etc.)

  • Add attachments

  • Add and schedule follow-up emails that will be sent if the lead does not reply the first email

Note: By default, the Human Review Owner will only receive an email notification when there is a new Human Review Task. If you wish to receive notifications when a lead replies to a Human Review reply, please inform us by emailing your request to


Clicking on "Forward" will bring up a prompt for you to decide on who to assign this conversation to - the current lead's owner (if any), or another Sales Rep.

Forwarding a Human Review task will forward the email conversation to the selected Sales Rep. The Sales Rep will receive two separate emails: 1) the email conversation between your AI Assistant and the lead, and 2) an email notification from Saleswhale informing them that they have been assigned this Human Review task.

Completing a Human Review Task

When you Reply as AI or Forward a Human Review conversation, you should return to the Human Review task to Complete it by updating the conversation's status to Qualified, Not Interested, Stopped Responding or Canceled. This status will be reflected in your campaign's metrics.

You can find the Complete button on the Human Review conversation's page or by clicking the conversation's three dots from the Human Review page.

Clicking "Complete" will bring up a prompt to select the status of the conversation. You can select (and update) this status anytime by clicking the "Complete" button.

Note that if your human review task is complete with the "Qualified" status, you will be required to select a handover sales rep.

Also note that marking a conversation as Qualified and selecting and handover lead will not send an email to the Sales Rep. If you want to CC your Sales Rep into a qualified email, use the Reply as AI function; if you want to forward a copy of the conversation to your Sales Rep, use the Forward function.

When you Reply as AI, you will also be prompted to "complete" the conversation when the reply is sent.

Human Review Page Tabs

Apart from the Actionable tab, there are also other tabs for your Human Review tasks, depending on their progress. These tabs will help you to organize and locate your Human Review conversations.

  • New Conversations: Human Review conversations that have not been acted upon

  • Replied as AI: Human Review conversations which are ongoing, and where a reply has been sent on the AI Assistant's behalf

  • Assigned to Sales Reps: Human Review conversations that have been assigned (forwarded) to your Sale Reps

  • Completed: Human Review conversations that have been Completed, and have either Qualified, Not Interested, Stopped Responding or Cancelled statuses selected

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