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Connecting Your AI Assistant's Email Inbox to Saleswhale
Connecting Your AI Assistant's Email Inbox to Saleswhale
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In this guide, we will look at how we can connect your AI Assistant email inbox to Saleswhale.

Before connecting an email inbox for Saleswhale to engage with your leads, we recommend:

  • Create a real inbox/user account (not an alias, Google Group, distribution list, or a generic inbox like with your company domain. For example, the marketing and sales team at Salewhale created and connect it to their Saleswhale team.

  • Saleswhale only supports Gmail and Microsoft Outlook 365 email inbox. We are not supporting email inbox created using Google Service account or Microsoft Exchange Server.

Note on email API limit:

  • As your AI Assistant uses your company email domain through a connection with the Gmail or Outlook API, there’s a daily email limit applied from the email provider. For example, Google limits the number of Gmail messages users can send per day. If you enroll a huge volume of leads to your campaign, it might take a while for all of your leads to receive the emails from your AI Assistant.

To get the best results, we recommend giving your Saleswhale AI a person’s name. It can be a real person on your team or a persona. This helps to get the best email response and open rate.

Please log in to using your credentials

To begin, click AI and Sales Reps Settings at the top-right corner.

Click Next and follow the steps to connect your AI Assistants email address

Select Gmail or Outlook 365 accordingly, depending on your AI Assistant's email client.

You will be redirected to either Gmail or Outlook. Follow the steps and allow the Saleswhale app to access the email account. Once authenticated, you will then be redirected to the Saleswhale app where you will see your AI's inbox connected.

If you had added a profile picture in your Gmail or Outlook settings, it will show here as well.

When your AI Assistant is connected, you can customize the signature which will be appended to all outgoing emails.

Office 365: Admin Approval Needed

You may get the following error when trying to authenticate with Office 365:

This usually happens if your Office 365 admins have enabled advanced security settings within your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which is Microsoft's application access management portal.

This restricts access to third party applications like Saleswhale at an Organization level. Saleswhale requires the following scopes:

  • openid

  • offline_access




To continue with your Saleswhale integration, you need a Global Administration with access to Azure Active Directory to configure these settings to allow integration with Saleswhale.


Follow the instructions in to set up a workflow for your users to request admin consent for individual 3rd-party applications.

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