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Customizing Your AI Assistant's Signature
Customizing Your AI Assistant's Signature
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In this guide, we will look at how to add a signature to your AI Assistant. This signature will be appended to each outgoing email from your AI Assistant when an email is sent out from the Saleswhale platform.

Note: there is no need to add a signature from within your AI Assistant's email inbox, as adding the signature on Saleswhale is sufficient.

For example, here's how the signature looks like for one of our own AI Assistant.

To add a Signature, you will first need to connect an email inbox to Saleswhale. (See this article on how to connect the email inbox.)

In the AI & Sales Rep Settings page (the robot icon on the top right), open the Add a Signature section. You will then be able to add text, formatting, and images for your AI Assistant's signature. We recommend including a job title for your AI Assistant so they sound personal.

We also recommend adding an Unsubscribe option in your signature. For example "If you would like to stop receiving these emails, please reply back unsubscribe". Our AI Assistant will be able to categories unsubscribed contacts so you can avoid emailing them in the future.

When you edit your conversation flow and touchpoints, you will be able to see in the preview section what the signature looks like alongside the outgoing emails.


  • If you already added a signature for your AI Assistant in your Gmail or Outlook settings, the signature won't be imported to Saleswhale.

  • The email signature added in Saleswhale AI Assistant's settings will be used when you send an email using the Saleswhale platform. If you login directly to your AI Assistant's Gmail or Outlook inbox and reply email directly to your contacts from there, the signature applied will be the signature saved in Gmail or Outlook settings, not the signature saved in Saleswhale.

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