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Email Scheduling

When will my emails be sent?

Written by James Keys
Updated over a week ago

Your AI Assistant will limit its rate of email sending to protect its ability to send emails. There are both hourly and daily limits.

What Happens if I Schedule More Than the Limit?

If you try to schedule more conversations than can be sent within the rate limits, for example by enrolling several thousand leads at once, then emails will be scheduled over several days.

Each day, your AI Assistant will look at the emails that are scheduled and prioritise them as follows:

  1. Replies will be sent first

  2. Initial emails for new enrolments will be sent, up to a limit of 1000 emails per day for Gmail accounts and 2000 per day for Outlook accounts

  3. Follow-ups for existing conversations will be sent last

This means that if the AI Assistant has a full day of initial emails to send, any follow-ups will go out later in the day.

Where Can I See When an Email is Scheduled to Send?

Scheduled emails are visible underneath sent and received emails in the conversation view:

Only one scheduled follow-up will be visible at a time, the rest are not scheduled until they are the next to send. This is a recent change to prevent scheduled follow-ups from blocking new enrolments.

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