The 6sense integration enables you to pull intent keyword data from your 6sense instance into Conversational Email. Once connected, you will be able to use your 6sense intent keywords to generate highly-topical emails using our AI Email Writer.

You can also use 6sense intent keywords to personalize your Dynamic Content at an account and lead level when launching a Conversational Email campaign.

Setting Up Your 6sense Integration

1. Go to Settings > Integrations > API Key Management in your organization's 6sense instance.

2. Click Generate New API Key.

3. Enter a custom Key Name and select "Conversational Email" in the Integrations field.

4. Click Generate, then copy the generated API Key to clipboard.

5. Go to the Integrations page in your Conversational Email instance, and click on the 6sense integration.

6. Under Settings, paste your 6sense API Key into the API Key field.

8. Click Save. You should see a confirmation message if the API Key is valid.

All done! To undo the integration, click Remove on the API Key field in the Conversational Email Integrations page and confirm the removal when prompted.

Seeing the 6sense Integration in Action

After connecting Conversational Email to the core 6sense platform, you will be able to see your 6sense keywords populated in the dropdown menu of the 6sense Intent Keywords field in the AI Email Writer page.

You will also be able to use 6sense intent keywords as a trigger condition for your Dynamic Content's personalization rules.

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