The Content Block data shows you how effectively your conversation content comes across your leads over time.

As content block goals can help you to optimize your email content approach for future campaigns, we want to introduce metrics that reflect the contribution of Content Block to email effectiveness including:

  • Open — Number of teammate replies to resolve a conversation.

  • Reply — Number of conversations that receive at least 1 reply from your leads.

  • Qualified — Number of conversations that request a meeting and are routed to your sales rep.

  • Campaigns — Number of launched campaigns that include content blocks in the emails.

  • Emails — Number of emails that include the content block.

After launching a campaign, you can see at a glance how well your content block has helped to drive people to open, reply and express interest from your emails across all the campaigns.

The data will be updated after your campaign's emails are opened, replied or get qualified.

When you craft a new email, you will be able to see this data as well. You can then choose the best-performing subject line or CTA to include in your new campaign.

At Saleswhale, we recommend you test different content to find the best variations for your lead segment. You can use Content Block to test easily and collect data to improve your email. For example, here are several ways to test your content:

  • Test and compare Subject Line to see which subject line generates a better open rate

  • Compare Call to Action by comparing reply and qualified rate.

  • Compare Value Proposition qualified rate to test which value offering resonate more with your leads

You can even drill down the data for each campaign by clicking on the content block.

With this view, you’d be able to test if the same content block performs betters with a different lead segment in each campaign.


  • We exclude bounced emails from all the calculations in the analytics report.

  • We will count qualified conversations from Human Review.

  • A content block's qualified rate is not counted for content blocks included in the "Lead request for the meeting) or " Lead is not Interested" reply from the AI as the qualification happens before the reply.


How do you calculate Open, Reply, and Qualified Rate for Content Blocks?

We will start counting the data for Content blocks as long as they are included in the emails that are opened, received a reply, or are qualified. The definition of the metrics and calculation can be found below:




Number of emails in a live campaign that include the content block


Emails conversations that are opened by leads and contain the content block. Only apply to Subject Line content block type

Open %



Email conversations that get at least 1 reply by leads and contain the content block.

Responded %



Email conversations that are qualified and contain the content block in the conversation thread

Qualified %


Not Interested

Email conversations that are marked as not interested and contain the content block in the conversation thread

Not Interested %

Not interested/Reached

How would you calculate the metrics if a content block is used multiple times in an email?

We will not double count the Content block. For example, we will only attribute 1 Open and Reply when the email gets a reply.

How would you calculate the metrics if a content block is used multiple times in different emails in a campaign?

We will count the content block's Open and Reply by the number of the emails that get opened and replied to.

For qualified, the content block will get 1 qualified count when the whole conversation thread gets qualified.

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