Your marketing and sales teams will often find themselves writing different emails and testing different subject lines or value propositions in an outreach campaign.

With Content Blocks, you will be able to easily assemble the best email content and measure the results down to the Block level after a campaign is launched.

Content Blocks are dynamic units of information that can be assembled and moved freely within the Saleswhale campaign conversation flow. They’re the LEGOs you could use to mix, match, test, and generate an effective email instead of crafting the content from scratch.

And when put together, Content Blocks are like LEGO sets, creating something much greater than the sum of their parts.

How to create a Content Block

Content Blocks can be created and managed in two places:

  • The Conversation Flow Editor

  • Or in Content Experiment Page

From the Campaign’s Conversation Flow Editor

Click the Saleswhale icon in the Edit, then “Create Content Block”:

First, give your Content Block a name. This is the number one way your team will search for, share and use Content Blocks, so make it something clear and concise:

Then enter the content to include when you use this Content Block.

You might want to create a Content Block for each component of the outreach emails so you can test or reuse them. For example, here are some ideas for content block types:

  • Subject Line

  • Introduction

  • Value Proposition

  • Call to Action

This could be reused when crafting a new outreach email.

Content Block can include merge tag and text copies.

Use the {...} menu to add lead or company attributes for a personalized message. In this example, we simply include the lead’s name.

Important: The content is not sent immediately when you apply the Content Block, so you’ll always have the opportunity to customize it further.

Then save the Content Block and you’re done!

Insert Content Blocks in each email

From the Conversation Flow Email Editor, click Saleswhale floating logo:

Then select your Content Block from the list and it will be inserted into the Editor,

You can replace an existing content block by clicking Replace.

To edit an existing content block, click Edit. You can choose to save the changes to the same Content Block or save it as a new Content Block.

Content Blocks in the Reply As Bot in Human Review

It’s not currently possible to use Content Blocks inHuman Review.

What's next?

After launching a campaign with Content Block, you will be able to see Open, Reply and Qualified Rate segmented down to each Content Block

You can use this data to test and iterate different content in your emails. For example, you can test different subject lines in a few campaigns for the same segment of leads and compare open rates afterward.

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