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Add a Sales Rep's calendar link to AI’s conversations
Add a Sales Rep's calendar link to AI’s conversations

Enable qualified leads to book meetings with your sales teams

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When a lead expresses interest to have a call or a meeting, Saleswhale AI will loop in a lead owner or a sales rep using round-robin.

If you’re using a third-party scheduling app such as Calendly or Chili Piper, you can easily add the sales rep's calendar link to qualified emails using Sales Rep Calendar Link merge tag.

Set up Sales Rep calendar link

First, go to the Sales Reps page from AI’s Settings page.

Next, copy the Calendly or Chili Piper’s calendar link for each of your sales reps' settings.

Add a text copy for the link. This will be the copy displayed in the qualified email to your lead.

Next, edit the default fallback text. This text copy will be used if a sales rep doesn’t have a calendar link and is cced in the qualified email.

You can also edit the fallback text in the Conversation Flow's Email Editor. This fallback text will apply to all sales reps that don’t have a calendar link.

Include Sales Rep Calendar Link to a conversation

Once you add calendar links for each of your sales reps, you’ll be able to add them to an email conversation as a merge tag. Just click on the merge tag menu and select the ‘Sales Rep Calendar Link’ :

When a sales rep is round-robin into the conversation, Saleswhale will pull the rep’s calendar link and text copy in the conversation.

If a sales rep doesn’t have a calendar link, the fallback text will be used in the email copy instead.

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