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Pause, Resume or Cancel a campaign
Pause, Resume or Cancel a campaign
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After launching a campaign with Saleswhale, you can pause, resume or cancel your campaigns. Pausing or canceling a campaign will stop your AI from sending emails and handling replies from your leads.

Pause and Resume a Campaign

When a campaign has been scheduled or is in the middle of sending, you can pause the campaign temporarily to stop your AI from sending emails and replying to your leads.

You can then edit the content of your Conversation Flow and publish them if there are changes needed to be made.

Once you finish editing the content of your Conversation Flow, you can resume the campaign so your AI can send the newly updated content to the leads that have not received them.

To Pause a campaign, click Pause.

If the campaign is in process of sending, the Saleswhale system will attempt to pause the sending. As we try to deliver emails as fast as we can, there will be a few emails that will have already gone out even as we attempt to pause their conversations.

If the campaign is not in the process of sending but is scheduled to be sent in the future, then the campaign will not send at the scheduled time, but will instead “sleep” until it is “resumed” and after the scheduled time has passed.

Pause vs Cancel

If you are certain that you are never going to want to resume the campaign, you can also cancel the campaign.

Once a campaign is canceled, it cannot be un-canceled. If you change your mind after canceling, you can duplicate the canceled campaign and launch it again with a new batch of leads.

Resume the campaign

After a campaign is paused, you can click the Resume button to resume sending emails and replies from your AI.

What happens if I edit a live campaign?

If you have a live campaign, where leads have already entered there are some things to consider before editing it.

  • If you add more content to a scenario or sequence within a scenario, the leads already passed through the scenario will not receive this content.

  • If you edited an email that has already been sent out to a lead, the newly edited email will not be sent out to the same lead.

  • If you add more content to a point in the conversation flow they have not yet reached, they’ll receive that content as normal once they reach it.

  • If you delete an email in a sequence, the leads who have not passed through the sequence won’t receive the deleted email. If a lead replies to the AI’s email, the AI will handle the intent categorization and triage as usual.

  • If you add a new scenario to a campaign, leads already in the campaign are eligible to enter these new scenarios.

  • If you delete a scenario that leads are waiting at (e.g. Request for Information), they’ll be removed from that point. They will not proceed to any subsequent paths in the conversation flow. Their existing open conversations (i.e conversations that have not marked as qualified or not interested) from this campaign will have canceled status.

  • If you make content changes to emails that your leads are waiting to receive, they will receive the latest version of the content when you resume the campaign

FAQ for Pause and Resume Campaign

Pause and Resume a campaign with a Scheduled End Date

What happens if I pause a campaign with an end date and then I try to resume after the campaign end date?

All conversations after a campaign end date will be automatically canceled. This means your AI will stop sending emails to your leads even after you click Resume Campaign.

Can I enroll leads with paused status to another campaign?

No, you will see them being excluded from the enrollment as they still belong to an ongoing conversation from a paused campaign.

To enroll leads with paused conversation status, cancel the campaign or the conversations.

What happens if I pause a campaign using Salesforce enrollment?

Saleswhale will stop importing leads after you pause the campaign.

When you resume the campaign, the system will start automatically import and resume the enrollment so your AI can start the conversation with your Salesforce leads.

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