Mistakes happen, and sometimes the mistake is in a campaign we just launched.

You can cancel a Saleswhale Campaign after you launch it. After you cancel a campaign, we'll track which leads already received emails from your AI, so you can create a segment to exclude or resend to later.

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • The cancellation option is only available after a campaign is launched. You won’t be able to cancel a draft campaign.

  • If you click cancel campaign we'll start canceling the campaign immediately. The process takes some time to process all the conversations. When cancellation is completed, we'll update the final number in your dashboard.

  • Canceling the campaign is irreversible. All future outreach emails and ongoing conversations between your AI and your leads will be stopped. If your lead replies again to a canceled conversation, you will get an email notification to continue the conversations manually.

Cancel a campaign

To cancel a campaign, follow these steps.

1. Open a launched Campaign from the Campaign tab

2. Click Cancel Campaign

3. Review what will happen and confirm you want to cancel the campaign by ticking the checkbox "I understand. I want to cancel this campaign".

We'll update the campaign header and conversation header with “Canceled date” and “Canceled On”. The campaign end date will be updated with the canceled date.


  • If you are enrolling leads automatically from a Salesforce report, canceling the campaign will disconnect the Salesforce report from the campaign.

  • You won’t be able to reconnect the report to the canceled campaign. You can duplicate the campaign and re-connect the report to the new campaign to start the auto-enrolment again.

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