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Saleswhale’s Scheduler is a new skill of your AI assistant. They can now suggest meeting times after they qualify a lead for your sales team.

With this new power, your AI ensures that none of your qualified leads slip through the cracks. Your AI can now free up some of your sales rep's time spent scheduling meetings after the lead handover.

How it works

1. Your AI will get access to your Sales Reps Calendar to find available times for a meeting.

2. Once a lead is qualified, your AI will suggest 2 meeting slots based on the designated sales rep's calendar availability.

Your AI assistant will pick meeting slots within office hours on 2 different days. There will be a minimum notice period of 1 day for sales reps.

3. Your AI assistant will then pre-book two 30-minute slots on your sales rep's calendar. This function prevents double-booking. When your lead confirms the meeting time, your sales rep can click on the link in the calendar invite to lock in the meeting. Saleswhale will send a calendar invitation to the lead.

How to setup Saleswhale Scheduler

  1. Go to Sales Reps/Request for Access to turn on the feature for your team.

2. Invite your sales rep to share their calendars with your AI. See more here on how to do it.

3. Creating a Conversation Flow or clone an existing one

4. Click a Lead is Qualified Scenario. Click Insert Meeting Timeslots. This will show you a snippet of the time slots. You can edit the content of your email so the snippet fits naturally into it. Publish your conversation when your emails are ready and enroll your leads.

That's it! Any qualified leads in this campaign should receive the Lead Is Qualified email you set, along with the suggested time slots.


  1. The AI assistant will schedule meetings only if the assigned sales rep has connected their calendar. See Connecting your calendar to Saleswhale.

  2. Any replies by the lead afterward, whether they agree or disagree with the suggested times, will have to be handled by the sales rep.

  3. There will be 2 pre-bookings regardless of the lead's response. The sales rep will then have to manually approve/cancel the meeting from their calendar.

The scheduler skill is currently in its beta phase.

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