After a lead is enrolled into a Saleswhale campaign from Salesforce, Saleswhale will send the data back to your Salesforce including:

  • Campaign name *

  • Campaign status *

  • Campaign creator *

  • Campaign URL *

  • Lead/Contact email conversations and status

Syncing campaign attributes to Salesforce

* To have your campaign details synced back to Salesforce, you will need to install an additional package.

* If you are enrolling leads from Salesforce to Saleswhale, please install the new package before 29th October 2021 to keep your campaigns running.

2nd Package Installation Steps

  1. Install the second package through a direct link here or visit Integrations/Salesforce.

    This package will add 4 custom fields to Salesforce Leads/Contacts.

    1. Saleswhale Campaign Name: sw01_campaign_name__c

    2. Saleswhale Campaign Status: sw01_campaign_status__c

    3. Saleswhale Campaign Creator: sw01_campaign_creator_c

    4. Saleswhale Campaign URL: sw01_campaign_url_c

  2. If you are not already logged into Salesforce, you will be prompted to log in.

  3. Choose the user roles you would like to install the fields for, we recommend selecting "Install for All Users."

  4. Click Install to complete.

  5. Set Visibility Layout for the new fields (optional): To see the new fields in your leads or Contacts, you might have to add the new fields to your Leads or Contacts Layout.

    1. Search for Salewhale fields

    2. Drag and drop the fields to the layout.

    3. Click Save

Saleswhale will send the most recent campaign details back to each lead or contact. If a lead is enrolled successfully in more than 1 campaign, the most recent campaign details will be updated in Salesforce.

Note: If you upload a CVS of Salesforce leads to Saleswhale instead of using report auto-enrollment, we will still be able to send the campaign details back to Salesforce if the CSV includes these columns: crm_object_id, crm_object_type , and crm_type.

Syncing Leads/Contact emails conversation and status to Salesforce

Saleswhale sends the conversation status to each lead or contact in Salesforce. Whenever the conversation status is updated after an exchange between your AI and your lead, we will update the status in Salesforce.

Here's a table of the list of possible statues and their descriptions.


When field history tracking is switched on for the Saleswhale Status field (recommended), all Saleswhale status changes can be viewed in the Lead History panel.


Lightning Experience


Salesforce Classic

* Object Field History is only viewable in Lightning Experience from Summer 17' Release onwards, please use Salesforce Classic if your Salesforce instance is not updated and you need to view the Saleswhale Status field history.


When emails are exchanged (sent or received) between your AI and a lead, these are all synced to Salesforce so your sales reps can review the context of a conversation quickly and easily.

For Lightning Experience, emails can be accessed through a Lead's page. Select the Lead/Contact Past Activity section, and navigate to the "Activity" tab.


For Salesforce Classic, emails can be accessed from the Lead/Contact "Activity History" section. This can also be found on the Lead's page.

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