In this guide, we will look at how to connect Salesforce to Saleswhale.

In Saleswhale, navigate to the Integrations tab. Click on 'Install' and you will be redirected to Salesforce to login.

Log in with your Salesforce or the API User's credentials and upon authentication, you will be redirected back to Saleswhale.


Follow the 4 steps set up in the Settings to complete your integration.

Troubleshooting Disconnections

The connection to Salesforce will occasionally expire, and disconnect the integration, preventing Saleswhale Auto-Enrollments and pushing of updates. When you have a disconnection, follow these steps.

1. Check the Refresh Token Policy in Salesforce

  • In the Salesforce Setup page, search for and navigate to Connected Apps OAuth Usage

  • Find the “Saleswhale” Connected App, and click “Manage App Policies”. If you do not see this option, but instead see an option to "Install" the app, click on that first, and then on "Manage App Policies" (The app is already connected, this installation simply allows more granular management of app policies).

  • Under “Refresh Token Policy”, if “Refresh token is valid until revoked” is not selected, select it and save the changes:

2. Check the number of OAuth Connections

Salesforce restricts users from being connected to more than 5 Saleswhale Teams at a time. To check this:

  1. Login as the API User

  2. Go to the user's settings and search for Advanced User Details

  3. In the OAuth Connected Apps section, if you see the Application "Saleswhale" appear 5 times, then you have reached the limit of Teams that can be connected. You will need to reconnect in the following step with a different Salesforce user.

3. Reconnect to Salesforce in Saleswhale

Follow the steps in "Connecting Salesforce to Saleswhale via OAuth" to reconnect to Salesforce.

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