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Unimported leads - What's Next?
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CSV Import Errors & Warnings List

When importing leads into Saleswhale, your AI Assistant will flag certain leads during the lead importing process based on Warnings and Errors.


  • Duplicates: there are repeated email addresses in you CSV

  • Improper first name: there are leads with first names containing more than 2 words

  • Owner not in Saleswhale: the specified lead owner does not exist in your list of sales reps

  • No lead owner: there is no specified lead owner

  • No account name: there is no company name provided


  • Missing first name

  • Missing email

  • Invalid email format

During the import process, you can choose to proceed with importing leads with warnings by select the associated warning categories. This is in contrast with flagged Errors, where no leads with Errors will be uploaded.

Leads with Errors and (unselected) Warnings will be unimported.

Addressing Errors & Warnings

You can re-import your unimported leads after addressing the Errors and Warnings. 

To locate and download your unimported leads, navigate to the Leads tab and head over to your Import History.

You will see the list of your previous imports. Hover over each line to bring up a pop up showing details on both imported and unimported leads.

In this example, you can see 3 "Unimported Leads," with 2 that are "Missing first name" and 1 that has the "Wrong email format."

To download the unimported leads, choose the three dots to the right for the drop-down menu. Select "Download unimported file."

This will trigger the download of a CSV file with all of the leads that were not imported. This CSV file will contain the following information:

  • All columns and data of your unimported leads from the original csv

  • Type (i.e. "warning" or "error")

  • Error message

After addressing the Warning(s) and/or Error(s), you can repeat the lead import process to re-import these leads again.

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