Verifying the quality of your leads is important to ensure your bot's email can be used for a long time. In cases where there have been too many bounces detected under an email address, it can lead to your email client suspending your email account. All emails going out will be blocked.

Large numbers of bounced emails will also damage the domain which your email is under, affecting the deliverability of other email addresses under that domain.

Suggestions to Mitigate Risks

  • Upload your leads in smaller batches
    Shard your email lists into smaller batches, so you can keep bounce rates under check. Email clients usually ban an email when there's too many bounces in a short burst.

  • Use lead verification tools
    This is still the best prevention as it is impossible to bypass the triggers that Gmail and other email clients have set up internally for bounce and risky activities. We recommend using services like NeverBounce, Emailvalidator or Norbert to clean your lists first. Remember to remove the emails that are likely to bounce before uploading your leads.

    Some lead verification tools may designate leads as catch-all. We recommend users not upload these leads – catch all addresses are rarely looked at and the likelihood of your email being filtered to spam is high.
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