In this guide, we will look at different scenarios your AI Assistant may encounter, and how your AI Assistant is programmed to respond.

Your AI Assistant is designed to keep the conversation going for as long as possible and to continue following-up until there is a relevant response (qualified or not interested). 

Below you will find possible scenarios your AI Assistant may encounter based on the leads' replies:

Auto Reply: Out of office

If there is a clear date your lead will be back in the office, your AI Assistant identifies this return date and postpone all follow-up communication until then, and your AI Assistant will only follow up when your lead is back in the office.

Where the out-of-office reply is a separate email thread, your AI Assistant will be able to reconcile the new thread with the existing email conversation in the Saleswhale app. Follow-up emails will be rescheduled accordingly and will automatically resume when your lead is back in the office.

Auto Reply: Out of office (alternative contacts provided)

Your AI Assistant registers the lead as out of office (see above) and will follow up accordingly. The additional contacts in the email body will be gathered but the AI Assistant will not reach out to them in any automated way.

Auto Reply: No longer with the company

The email address of this lead will be marked as Do Not Contact. The specific conversation will have the conversation status of "Not Interested" and have the rejection reason categorized as "Left Company".

No clear question or intent of any kind

When the lead's reply has no clear question or indication of any intent (including instances where the lead has an out of office reply with no date of return), your AI Assistant will register the email as an auto-response and send a follow-up email based on the Send Time defined in your Topic.

New lead referred in CC or email body

Your AI Assistant will continue the conversation using the referral sequence (if available in the Topic), and create this new lead in your Saleswhale database.

Existing lead (with ongoing conversation) referred in CC or email body

In cases where there is an existing lead that also has an ongoing conversation with your AI Assistant, both conversations will be marked for Human Review after the Referral. This is to prevent two ongoing conversations with the same lead.

Multiple questions asked by lead

Your AI Assistant will mark the conversation for Human Review.

Asking the AI Assistant to follow up later, < 3 months

Your AI Assistant will, by default, qualify these conversations and hand them over to the sales reps.

Asking the AI Assistant to follow up later, > 3 months

Your AI Assistant will mark these conversations as Not Interested, and gather a Follow Up At date for your lead. We recommend re-engaging these leads using filters, including the Follow Up At date filter.

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