Creating a suppression list


In this guide, we will look at how to manually import a list of emails and/or domains.


  • CSV file containing email addresses you wish to suppress
  • CSV file containing domains you wish to suppress

You can add emails and/or domains to a suppression list by importing them into Saleswhale via a CSV.

By default, any suppression lists you create are not activated. To activate them, you will need to configure your suppression settings under an individual campaign.

When these lists are activated for a campaign, your bot will not reach out to these specific contacts or contacts belonging to these specific domains. 


To begin creating your suppression list, hover over the "Leads" tab and select "Suppression Lists" from the drop down menu.



From the Suppression Lists page, select "Create List" in the upper righthand corner.



From the pop up dialog, select whether you are creating a list of Emails or Domains.



Once you have made you selection, you can "Choose a File to Upload" and retrieve the file from your computer, or you can drag and drop a file into the dotted area. Hover over the "Tip" for a quick guide on the formatting required for your CSV file in order to ensure a successful upload:

  • CSV file
  • Maximum file size of 10MB
  • Valid column header: email or domain



Give your list a unique name that you will remember, and select "Create" to continue.



You will see a notification at the top once your list has been successfully created: "Successfully created a list."


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