Filtering Leads by Rejection Reason


In this guide, we will look at how to find the rejection reasons that your bot has collected. From there you can segment leads that have been disqualified by your bot.

A common use case for this is to identify leads for the purpose of re-engagement.

When a lead replies with negative intent, your bot classifies the lead as "Not Interested". Your bot also captures the phrase in your lead's reply and categorises it into one of the following: 

  • Not Interested
  • No Need Right Now
  • No Time
  • Left Company
  • Not Relevant
  • Not The Right Person
  • Already A Customer
  • Left Country/Migrated
  • Using Other Solution
  • Already In Touch
  • Too Expensive
  • Others


Step 1

In Saleswhale, head over to the Conversations tab.



Step 2

Click on Filters, and select:

  • Under Filter by Campaigns: "Selected Campaigns"
    • If you wish to select all campaigns, choose "With Campaigns"
  • Under Select Campaigns: The campaigns of the leads you wish to include
  • Under Status: "Not Interested"


When you have selected your filters, click on search.


Step 3

Click on Export Conversations near the top right corner of the page. The leads will be sent to your inbox in csv format shortly. In the csv, you will be able to see both the captured phrase and the rejection reason of each lead.


You can filter your leads by rejection reason and target specific segments for potential re-engagement. 


Your campaign had a call-to-action of asking if the lead is available for a call or meeting. A number of leads reply with the indication that they are not available. Your bot detects the negative intent in their reply, and further classifies their rejection reason as "No Time".

You can filter these leads by "rejection reason" to identify exactly which leads fall into this segment, and re-engage them at a later time to see if they are then available.

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