Human Review from Referrals


When a contact (remember: the unique identifier in Saleswhale is email address) appears in multiple conversations, all conversations are marked for Human Review. This gives you the opportunity to choose how and where to continue the conversation; it also prevents the bot from having two conversations with the same contact in parallel. In this guide, we will look at this case and suggested workflows.

This case usually occurs when a contact refers your bot to their colleague, when there is actually already an ongoing conversation with that colleague. 

You will receive a Human Review notification prompting you to "resolve referral conversation." Overview of Human Review.



If you select Resolve In App, you will be taken to the Conversation in Saleswhale where the Lead most recently was referred into a conversation. On the right hand side, you choose how to handle the Human Review task. You will also see a list of Leads Involved in the conversation, any of your Sales Reps that are a part of the conversation, and any Related Conversations. Related conversations are those that have Leads overlapping.



You can also identify any Human Review tasks arising from related conversations from the Human Review Tasks list. To the right of the email subject, there is a tooltip that displays the number of Related conversations.


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