Getting started with lead enrollment into Campaigns


In this guide, we will look at the two ways we can enroll leads into campaigns:

  • via a previously imported batch
  • using Filters


Option 1: Quickly enroll leads by using a previously imported batch

After importing leads into Saleswhale, you can proceed with enrolling a specific batch into campaigns.

From the Import History page under the Leads tab, locate your batch and click the three dots; select "Quick enroll."


 You will be taken to the four step process to Finish Enrollment.



Option 2: Enroll Specific Leads into Campaigns using Filters

From the Leads tab, narrow down your selection to specific leads by using Filters. Read more about Filters.

After choosing your Filters, select your leads and click on Enroll to Campaign to choose the relevant Campaign.


Once you have selected and confirmed the Campaign, you will be taken to the four step enrollment process to Finish Enrollment.


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