Unimported leads - What's Next?


When uploading leads into Saleswhale, you may encounter errors or warnings. Leads with errors cannot be uploaded, while you will have the choice to select which leads with warnings to upload. Read more about lead import.

A common use case is to locate the unimported leads, resolve the errors or warnings, and re-import the leads into Saleswhale. In this guide, we will look at how to do this.


Downloading Unimported Leads

To download unimported leads, navigate to the Leads tab and head over to your Import History.

You will see the list of your previous imports. Hover over each line to bring up a pop up showing details on both imported and unimported leads.


In this view, you can see 3 "Unimported Leads," with 2 that are "Missing first name" and 1 that has the "Wrong email format."


To download the erroneous leads that were not successfully imported, choose the three dots to the right for the drop down menu. Select "Download unimported file."



This will trigger the download of a CSV file with all of the leads that were not imported. This CSV file will contain the following information:

  • All columns and data, as they relate to leads that were not imported, from the original csv
  • Type (i.e. "warning" or "error")
  • Error message


After rectifying the Warning(s) or Error(s), you may proceed re-import these leads again through the step-by-step import wizard

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