How do I suppress contacts?


With Saleswhale, you have the option to suppress lists of emails or domains with a suppression list. Suppression lists must be applied on an individual campaign level. In this guide, we will look at:

  • Pre-existing suppression lists in the library
  • Default suppression lists across all campaigns
  • Applying unique suppression lists to campaigns


Pre-existing suppression lists in the library

By default, the bot has several pre-built suppression lists based on filters:

  • Bounced
    Leads that have any previous conversations with the Bounced status
  • Do Not Contact
    Leads marked with the Do Not Contact status
  • Leads interacted within last 3 months
    Leads whose last email interaction was within the last 3 months
  • Leads not interested in last conversation
    Leads marked as `Not interested` in the most recent conversation
  • Previously qualified leads 
    Leads marked as `Qualified` in any previous conversations

On top of these pre-built lists, you can also manually create additional suppression lists based on emails and/or domains.


Default suppression lists across all campaigns

By default, the "Bounced" and "Do Not Contact" suppression lists are required and applied to all campaigns.


Applying unique suppression lists to campaigns

Before launching a campaign, you can configure suppression lists to prevent your bot from reaching out to particular emails and/or domains.

To begin, navigate to your campaign and select the Settings tab.



From the Settings tab, you will see the Suppression Lists section. You will see the Required lists have already been applied and cannot be edited. You will also see a Configurable lists drop down menu.



From the Configurable drop down, you can select from your Suppression Lists. You can also create your own suppression lists.


Select "Save" to continue.



You will be prompted to Save your changes via a pop-up. Select "Confirm" to continue with applying the listed Suppression Lists to the campaign.


You will see a notification at the top once your list has been successfully created: "Successfully updated Suppression Lists for campaign."


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