Editing Your Referral Conversation


In this guide, we will look at:

  • how your bot handles leads who choose to opt-out of ongoing conversations between your bot and their colleagues. This is commonly seen when original leads refer their colleagues into the conversation. 

  • Editing the messaging in the referral sequence


How Your Bot Handles Leads Who Opt-out


When a new person is referred into the conversation, the original lead will be moved to either cc or bcc:

  • Excluding individuals who want to drop out of the conversation - By default the bot will keep everyone in cc, unless someone explicitly asks to be dropped out.
  • Automatic opting out - In cases where the Main lead replies the bot individually and leaves out his other colleagues, the other colleagues will all be opted out by default.


Editing The Messaging

After creating the referral sequence (read about how to create sequences here), you may edit the messaging directed to the new person in the white section of the text editor.

In the first touchpoint of this sequence, the {{original_lead.first_name}} merge tag now refers to the lead in "cc" or "opt-out" that your bot originally reached out to, and the {{lead.first_name}} now refers to the new "main" person that has been added to the conversation.

Depending on whether the original lead is moved to cc (opt-in) or bcc (opt-out), the messaging will vary as highlighted in the grey area below. This section of the messaging is fixed. 



If you wish to see the preview of each email, click on Preview Touchpoints in the top-right corner.




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