Update existing leads


You can update the attributes of existing leads by:

  • Re-importing the leads OR
  • Edit the lead details

Do take note that updates made to the lead will reflect in subsequent email touchpoints.


Re-importing the leads

This would work on importing via CSV, manual entry, Salesforce import or API.

We will automatically update all attributes of the lead based on the recent version -

  • All new filled/empty values will overwrite the old filled/empty values
  • Any attributes in the old version which are not provided in the new version remains unchanged
  • Any leads which encounters errors on re-import due to the following reasons will not be updated:
    • Email address is wrongly formatted
    • Email field is not present
    • First name field is not present


Edit the lead details

Click into your lead details page and select 'Edit Details'.



Click on 'Update' to save your changes.



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