Existing database (system-of-record)


This use case is typically used to follow up with leads at least six months after the last time you or your colleagues interacted with a prospect.

Your bot can be set up with an automatic workflow to follow up with leads using our public API or Saleswhale integration. For more support, reach out to your Saleswhale Customer Success Manager.


Standard Main Sequence Template

Standard Template:

I am Katy from Saleswhale. Thank you for finding us through Facebook - noticed it has been awhile since we last connected with you in May and I am reaching out to see if there is anything we can help with.

Also wanted to take the opportunity to share more about key product developments we have made to help with conversational marketing.

Do you have time this week or next for a short discussion?


Best Practices

  • Any leads in your database that haven’t been touched in 6 months or more are ripe for outreach.
  • The more details around the initial and most recent contact place/time helps customize outreach, increasing response rates.
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