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This use case is typically used to follow up with outbound or inbound leads at least six months after the last time you or your colleagues interacted with a prospect.

Your bot can be set up with an automatic workflow to follow up with leads using our public API or Saleswhale integration. For more support, reach out to your Saleswhale Customer Success Manager.


Standard Main Sequence Template

Standard Template:

I am Katy from Saleswhale. We last reached out around six months ago. At the time, you mentioned Acme was not quite ready for a conversational marketing tool.

Wanted to check back in to see if your plans have changed. We would love to have a quick introductory discussion to see where you are and share how we might be able to help - whether now or in the future.


Best Practices

  • We generally recommend re-engagement of leads 3-6 months after the last conversation was marked as `Unresponsive` in Saleswhale.
  • Exporting your conversations in Saleswhale can help further understand which leads might be ready for re-engagement, based on rejection reasons. We categorize these reasons based on: Not interested, Left company, No need right now, Not relevant, Not the right person, Already a customer, Left country/Migrated, Using other solution, Already in touch, No time, Too expensive, Others.
    Conversations where the lead indicates “No need right now” or “Using other solution” are good candidates for re-engagement 3-6 months after the last conversation as well.
  • Engage Filters to find a list of leads in Saleswhale for re-engagement
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