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This use case is typically used to follow up with inbound leads a couple of weeks after they have downloaded content from your website.

Your bot can be set up with an automatic workflow to follow up with leads using our public APIHubSpot Forms Webhook, or Saleswhale integration. Many users also choose to upload these leads manually via a CSV. For more support, reach out to your Saleswhale Customer Success Manager.


Standard Main Sequence Template

Standard Template:

My name is Katy and I am a Client Success Manager at Saleswhale. Noticed you downloaded our 3 steps to better sales and marketing automation paper a couple of weeks ago.

I am following up to see if you have any questions about what you read. We would love to connect with you to share more best practices and see how we might be able to help automate your sales and marketing processes at Acme.

Do you have time for a call this week or next?


Best Practices

  • Qualifying questions can be used to filter out non-serious inquiries.
  • If the lead handover rep will change based on the answers to qualifying questions, designate a middle man to help with lead assignment.
  • Saleswhale also allows for you to analyze email reach, open, and handover rates based on content - this can help with understanding ROI of different content pieces.
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