Best Practices for crafting a good Campaign


Mentality: Always keep in mind that your Bot is meant to emulate a person - messaging should be crafted the way an authentic person would communicate.


Target audience: Put yourself in your leads’ shoes. You are busy, and go through hundreds of email a day. There is no time or bandwidth to read long wordy emails. You just want the sender to get to the point, so be clear, concise and precise:

  • CLEAR in intentions
  • CONCISE in presentation
  • PRECISE in call-to-action i.e. What do you want the lead to do?


Dos and Don’ts for first touchpoint i.e. initial contact

  • DO keep the initial message clear and to the point. Also keep it as short and concise as possible, while providing the necessary information.
  • DO use merge tags to personalize your message and subject line. Personalized messages consistently outperform generic messages in terms of open rates and engagement rates, which in turn leads to higher conversions.
  • DON’T include attachments unless absolutely pertinent. This avoids emails being sent to the spam box. Attachments almost always can be included in later parts of the sequence, where deliverability won’t be adversely affected.
  • DON’T include multiple calls-to-action. Leads will tend to respond to only one, or say something like “not interested,” without indicating what they are not interested in. ONE call to action best.


Dos and Don’ts for second touchpoint onwards

  • DO write a general and all encompassing <Negative Intent> message, that will fit all scenarios. Something like “Thanks, let’s keep in touch!” is simple, and fits well into most conversations.
  • DO try and foresee the different kinds of responses leads will give. In general, leads’ responses fall into one of the following categories:
    • Qualified i.e. goal achieved
    • Negative
    • Referral (not the right person, and copies in correct person)
    • More Info (Pricing)
    • More Info (Generic)

Therefore, at the minimum, these responses should be prepared. That said, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success team for advice on other responses that might be necessary, given your specific use case.


Pre-Launch Checklist (especially for new accounts)



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