Referral of a new person into a conversation


In this guide, we will look at how the introduction of a new person into an ongoing conversation is handled by your Saleswhale bot.

The prerequisite for this article is setting up a Qualification Rule corresponding to the Referral sequence. (Note: setting up this sequence is recommended for sales and marketing teams that typically sell and market toward businesses with multiple decision makers and influencers).

With the "Qualification Rule" of "Referral" set up, your bot will be able to have complex conversations with multiple stakeholders taking into consideration:

  • Adjusting the email addressee - Recipients in "To" and "CC" fields will adjust contextually, based on who the key point of contact is.
  • Capturing new leads - Store the new lead's name and email address in the Saleswhale app, inheriting the account name and industry from the original lead.
  • Identifying lead's role in a conversation - Lead's will be identified and tagged to the bot's best ability based on their role as a Main point of contact, a Cc'ed contact, or an individual who has asked to Opt-out of the conversation. You can then filter leads or conversations accordingly.
  • Noting the key point of contact - This lead will be identified as the Main lead under Point of Contact.*
  • Noting Out-of-office replies - Identify when the Main lead in the conversation are back in the office, before continuing the conversation with any follow-up touch points.
  • Storing Follow-up dates - In conversations where there is any indication of a good time for follow-up, this date will be captured and stored under the Main lead.
  • Tagging for "Do not contact" - In conversations where there is any indication that one of the lead's do not want to be contacted again, all leads in the conversation will be put on the "Do Not Contact" list.
  • Excluding individuals who want to drop out of the conversation - By default the bot will keep everyone in cc, unless someone explicitly asks to be dropped out.
  • Automatic opting out - In cases where the Main lead replies the bot individually and leaves out his other colleagues, the other colleagues will all be opted out by default.
  • Ongoing conversations with Referred colleagues - When a Lead refers a colleague and there is already an ongoing conversation with that colleague, Human Review tasks from this Referral will be created for both conversations.


*If more than one new lead has been cc-ed into the ongoing conversation, your Saleswhale bot will select the Main lead if he/she is mentioned in the email content. If there are no names mentioned, the first email in the CC field will be selected as the Main lead.

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