Preparing Your Leads for Campaign Enrollment


In this article, we will focus on:

  • preparing your leads to directly enroll them into a Campaign


File Format

Your leads should be uploaded in a CSV file, with a maximum of 2,000 leads in each list.


Lead Preparation Checklist 


  • Have you included the required columns?
    At minimum, a first name and email address are needed in order for your Saleswhale bot to engage the lead. These column headers in your CSV file must be named "first_name" and "email"
  • What other merge tags have you used in the topic template?
    Ensure that you include the other relevant columns. To find out the names of these column headers, select “View all column headers” at the “Import Leads” pop-up in your Campaign view:


  • Are your leads assigned to specific sales reps?
    If so, you should include a "lead_owner" column where you’ll input the sales rep’s email address

Lead Data

  • Are names capitalised / correctly formatted?
  • Do all leads have an email address?
  • Does every lead contain data for all merge tags used within the topic template?
  • Is the data semantically correct when merged into the topic template?
  • Check for special characters - Saleswhale’s app currently does not support special characters (e.g. é, ü, ø), these will have to be replaced.


Sample Template



Email Verification

Verifying the quality of your leads is important to ensure your bot's email can be used for a long time. In cases where there have been too many bounces detected under an email address, it can lead to your email client suspending your email account. All emails going out will be blocked.

Suggestions to mitigate risks:

  • Upload your leads in smaller batches - Shard your email lists into smaller batches, so you can keep bounce rates under check. Email clients usually ban an email when there's too many bounces in a short burst.
  • Use lead verification tools - We recommend using services like NeverBounce, Emailvalidator or Norbert to clean your lists.

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